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Inventors of Evil

As many people on the twitterverse have seen there is a trial unfolding in Pennsylvania involving Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic. There are many allegations that are shocking, disgusting, angering, and saddening. Despite a lack of coverage by major media outlets many are aware of the horrors that have taken place in this man’s clinic over the years. According to reports and witness testimonies hundreds of human beings have been murdered in the form of late term abortions, the severing of the spinal cords of children directly following their live delivery, and even two deaths of young mothers. Though this is illegal, the clinic operated without inspection for 17 years.

The stories of what took place inside the clinic are sickening and expose some of the most gruesome evil that exists in the world today. The evils of abortion, or murder, are easily identified by Christians as sins that are detestable to God. My spirit cries out in moments like this in agony longing for God’s justice and redemption. Admittedly, anger builds up inside of me along with heartache for the sins of this world. It even leads me to detest the sins that are still in my own life. Read more…


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Insights from the joy of having peace with God

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