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The problem with “Simple Faith”

“I have a simple faith.”

This past week I attended a charity luncheon. I go to many of these as well as nice gala’s for different charities. At each one there is an invocation. Usually it is not a “real” prayer and is a scripted advertisement for the charity. In this most recent invocation the prayer included two statements that made me cringe. The first was “Oh God who is father and mother to us all” and the second was “be with us as we all see the goodness within all of us revealed.” I know, I am just over analyzing the situation right? I brought up the statements to a fellow believer and they shrugged it off as “different” and they weren’t interested in picking things apart like that. They mentioned that they just have a “simple faith” and didn’t get mixed up in the complex issues. Read more…


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Insights from the joy of having peace with God

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